Our construction makes it easy to remove the leather grip and we use stainless steel in 18/8 quality with its well-adapted properties for beverage containers. The Helags series is vacuum-insulated to keep drinks hot for 8 hours and cold for 24 hours. We are proud to have an exclusive collaboration with Naturkompaniet, which has our products in all its stores.

Leather & Wood

What makes JÄRV unique is our ability to integrate natural materials such as leather and wood in a way that gives the genuine feeling of holding real wood or leather in the hand but with a design that makes the product just as easy to take care of as if the product were made entirely of stainless steel.

Quality takes time

We are a relatively young family business and getting quality into all aspects of a product takes time. We have therefore purposefully chosen to collaborate with partners who have generations of knowledge in their fields. One such example is Tärnsjö Tannery that has produced vegetable-tanned leather for generations and well known for their fine quality and sustainable production methods.

Innovative craft

Smart design is what distinguishes JÄRV, but traditional craft adds a quality to the product that is hard to beat and makes it unique. Our team in Sweden works daily with the product and thus has good opportunities to ensure quality and identify improvements in both product and production.