Build to stand time

When starting JÄRV Outdoor we decided to create a company that would hold the same values as we have ourselves as outdoor enthusiasts; a sustainable product is a product you keep for long; basically, the longer you keep it the better footprint it will have.  A great product should be made of high quality and preferably natural materials when applicable and that the production of these parts are efficient and as non-pollutive as possible. Since it is difficult to be 100% on all things from day 1 we strive to set a structure where improvement is always a part of the process and that we also work with experienced and well regarded partners that can help us in our efforts.


Our partners

Evaluate function and choosing the right materials is at the heart of our business and we have spent years to find suitable factories and production partners for our business, making sure that they not only meet our criterias for the product in itself but that they also hold up to the standards of good working conditions and responsible management in their supply chain. The way we audit this process
is partly through formal documents they can show us but also by working and interacting with them frequently. We share our view on code of conduct and expectations on sustainable practices and ask them to do the same thing.

Steel bottles

We have a close and constructive partnership with our factory of stainless steel bottles in Zheijang, China, one of the worlds hubs for stainless steel bottle manufacturing. At the factory about 140 people work and we work weekly with the management team and visit them regularly to inspect production as well as understanding better how we can achieve our common goals and do it in a good practice. All steel products go through rigorous testing and is validated by SGS. (Reports can be provided for interested parties).

Leather work

All our hides are manufactured from Tärnsjö Tannery in Sweden. They have a long history and stellar reputation of not only making the greatest quality but also do it in a sustainable manner. As mentioned above, they are substantially certified and to name 2 relevant certificates:

100 Content Standard - ability to source exactly what hide has been used meaning that if customer prefer a certain typ of eco-product Tärnsjö can deliver exactly on that.

TUV - Certifies that no hazardous chemicals has been used in the tanning process.

What we do

Being a small company with relatively limited resources, our view is to set up an organizational structure allowing all on the team to continuously hightlight and improve aspects of the products, production, supply chain and distribution. It often sounds good to make giant leeps but we are great believers in small incremental steps you take at all times and we start our day reminding us all on that important attitude. With that said we also believe there are great other initiatives and efforts within sustainability worth supporting and several of us in the team are involved and support them as individuals.

What you can do as a customer

As a customer you can improve your footprint by taking care of the product you purchase from us making sure that you intend to keep it for long. Remove the leather to keep your stainless steel bottle clean and fresh and while doing so, take care of the leather by waxing/oiling it and let it “breathe” for awhile before putting it back on. Avoid keeping a used bottle stored in humid and dirty conditions for too long since it will easier create bacterias and defect the leather. Common sense often works best.